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Germs on Our Food: Healthy or Not?

The food that we buy in the grocery store or raise in our gardens isn’t sterile (completely free of microorganisms). It isn’t supposed to be! Microorganisms are part of our natural environment; some are harmful, some may cause disease. Read more on what you need to do to keep your family food-safe. 


Preserving Food at Home

Are you interested in learning more about canning or freezing fresh produce from your garden?  Attend a Preserving Food at Home Question and Answer Session presented by a UW-Extension Master Food Preserver – Annette Landvatter.  Research based materials will be highlighted when answering your questions.  Resources will be available to help you preserve safely for […]

Atmospheric Steam Canner

Preserving: Using an Atmospheric Steam Canner

The University of Wisconsin has recently published research which indicates that an Atmospheric Steam Canner may be safely used for canning naturally acidic foods such as peaches, pears, and apples, or acidified-foods such as salsa or pickles, as long as all researched recommended criteria are met.  Be sure to follow these research-based guidelines to preserve […]

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Wisconsin Open Meetings Law

Do you know what a “walking quorum” is?  Do you know the difference between a “purpose test” and a “numbers test?”  Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law embodies the principle that the public is entitled to the greatest possible information about government affairs.  What does this mean?  Attend this two-hour free workshop by UW-Extension to gain a […]


What’s New About Eggs?

Eggs are a low-cost, high quality source of protein. Egg nutrients perform many important roles; to name a few, they contribute to eye health and brain function, and they help to prevent birth defects in preborn babies. Check out a UW-Extension webpage under “Eggs” for web resources on coloring/handling eggs safely, deciphering carton dates, raising […]

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Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle is the Slogan for March 2015

National Nutrition Month® is an annual education and information campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign encourages the public and media to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Videos and articles on a wide variety of related topics are found […]


Are You Money Smart?

Money Smart Week financial educational sessions and events are scheduled for April 18-25, 2015 in Washington County, including document shredding events, the Big Read at libraries, and Fraud Bingo at senior centers. Attend one or more to be Money Smart!


Value in the Work of UW-Extension

SNAP-Ed/WNEP values its partnership with Casa Guadalupe Education Center Inc., and is pleased to have been among the organizations providing health-related seminars and activities in 2014 through the Latino Healthy Lifestyle Choices Project. Statewide, UW-Extension work is valued by partners and learners alike, as seen in this 1½ minute video clip.