Multi-Drug Resistant Salmonella Heidelberg Outbreak Investigation

Multi-Drug Resistant Salmonella Heidelberg Outbreak Investigation – Linked to contact with infected dairy bull calves purchased in Wisconsin

Federal and state health officials released a statement on investigation into cases of multi-drug resistant Salmonella Heidelberg. This is a multi-drug resistant strain of Salmonella. Bio-security on farms is important always and these cases reinforce the need for good bio-security practices. Here’s the advice from DHS and Animal Health officials.

Advice for People Who Have Contact with Livestock

  • Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after you are done touching or working with livestock, handling equipment used on animals, or coming into contact with anything in the area where animals are present.
  • This is especially important to do before preparing or consuming food or drink for yourself or others.
  • Adults should supervise hand washing for young children.
  • Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not immediately available, but follow-up by washing with soap and water as soon as possible.
  • Use separate shoes, work gloves, and clothing when working with livestock.
  • Keep these items outside of your home, or remove or change immediately when arriving home, to prevent contamination of the home environment.
  • Wash hands after taking off any clothes and shoes you wore while working with livestock.
  • Do not eat or drink in the areas where livestock are present.
  • Supervise small children during any animal encounter and discourage behaviors that can increase their risk of illness.
  • Young children and immune-compromised persons should avoid direct contact with calves, especially those with diarrhea (scours).
  • Do not allow toys, pacifiers, spill-proof cups, baby bottles, strollers, or similar items in livestock areas.
  • Work with your veterinarian to keep your livestock healthy.
  • Do not drink unpasteurized (raw) milk.

Additional information is available on the WI Department of Health website-New Salmonella Heidelberg page.