Special Emphasis

Special Emphasis Final Report Form 2017

4-H: Grow With Us

This year’s Special Emphasis theme is designed to offer youth and volunteers an opportunity to reflect on how the opportunities in 4-H help us grow. We will also look at how 4-H can help the communities in our county grow. The activities in the 2016-2017 Special Emphasis curriculum will allow youth and adults a chance to practice and apply valuable skills that help them grow as leaders, as citizens, and as friends.

Special Emphasis Activities

Listed below is a series of activities that clubs can use at their meetings to explore the “4-H Grow With Us” theme.

Resources are in pdf unless identified otherwise.

4-H Grows Communication
Youth and adults involved in 4-H have many opportunities to practice verbal and nonverbal communication. These fun activities will give you a chance to practice your communication skills with hands-on games.
Growing Colorful Words
Balancing Act
Balloon Trolleys
Club Poem
Communication Collages
Einstein’s Riddle
Frozen T’s
In a 4-H Community Everyone Pulls Together
Stack the Deck

4-H Grows Communities

4-H clubs contribute to their communities by promoting good citizenship and contributing many hours of service. The activities in this category offer service project options and ways to build awareness of good citizenship.
4-H YOUth Trees
Citizenship BINGO
Making Choices
Mapping Your 4-H Club
Being a Good Citizen
Stenciling for Clean Drains in Your Community

4-H Grows Friends
Many friendships have been formed because of connections made in 4-H. These activities will help your club build in environment in which friendships can grow and thrive.
Creating Guidelines for Our Group
Creating Personal Respect Posters
Exploring Separate Realities

4-H Grows Future Opportunities
As youth grow older, they will start to think about opportunities to pursue as teens and as adults. These activities connect 4-H experiences to educational travel opportunities and future career options.
4-H Futures: Project Pathways
4-H Looking Glass
Where in the World Can 4-H Take You?

4-H Grows Leaders
4-H relies on the leadership of young people to guide the focus of activities and programs. These activities allow youth to explore and stretch their leadership skills.
Leadership Quadrants
Sell Me a Pen
The Story of 4-H
The Machine

Program Developed By:

4-H Youth Leaders:
Bridget Dean
Ashley Mihm
Elizabeth Rhinehart
Emily Schmidt
Nathan Schmidt
Riley Smeaton
Micah Stege
Nina Wood

Adult Volunteers:
Jane Dean
Kristie Kurtenbach
Scott Schmidt
Shannon Stege
Agnes Wagner

UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development Staff:
Amy Mangan-Fischer
University of Wisconsin Extension Washington County
4-H Youth Development Educator