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The Community Development Educator programs in a number of priority areas in Washington County. Backed by University of Wisconsin research, the Community Development Educator works with local government, civic organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses and community leaders to enhance local decision-making and help communities respond to new challenges and opportunities. These priorities change as local needs change.  As facilitators, Community Development Educators work in partnership with local people and organizations to meet identified local needs.

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2015 Washington County Nonprofits and the Economy Survey

UW-Extension collaborated with UW-Washington County, United Way of Washington County and the Volunteer Center of Washington County to survey  a cross-section of nonprofit organizations in Washington County to determine the financial health, trends and concerns of those organizations.  The results of the 2015 survey found that nonprofits have experienced an increased demand for services while their financial strength has been weakening.  Additional information can be found in the 2015 Nonprofits and the Economy Survey Report.

Washington County Retirement & Departure Intentions Survey

An extreme labor shortage throughout Washington County is looming. If no action is taken, the area could be faced with over 23,000 unfilled jobs by 2026. This alarming statistic and many more have been compiled and explored in the 2012 Washington County Retirement and Departure Intentions Study.

UW-Extension, Economic Development Washington County, UW-Washington County and Moraine Park partnered with chambers of commerce and local corporations to survey over 3,000 Washington County employees to find out their plans concerning retirement and post-retirement. The results of the 2012 Retirement and Departure Intentions Study were startling.  With a 2011 estimated labor pool of just over 67,000, the forecast for retirements of employees in Washington County could reach 34,000 by 2026, with just over 10,000 available as replacements.

Paul Roback facilitated a focus group of 20 senior business leaders to discuss next steps and possible strategies to address this impending labor shortage. As a result of this facilitation, a task-force of business leaders is meeting to research and develop strategies to address the expected workforce shortage.

Community Development Annual Accomplishment Reports

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